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MFP Weekend

The Schedule

There are six weekends in one academic year of the MFP program. We meet in September, October and November in the fall and then in March, April and May of the following spring.

A typical weekend:

We begin on Friday evening with supper, followed by a business meeting, faith sharing and a short session of the first class. There is a social on Friday and Saturday nights.

Saturday begins and ends with prayer. Students take responsibility for planning and leading these prayers. Meals and classes take up the majority of time. There are frequent breaks that are worked out between the teacher and students. Eyes need rest!

If we have a priest with us for the weekend as one of the teachers we will have mass on both Saturday and Sunday. If not, then most of the time we will have a signing priest for Sunday mass on Saturday afternoon before we eat supper. Occasionally we participate in an interpreted mass at the main church on Sunday morning when there is no signing priest available for us.

Sunday too begins and ends with prayer. Classes continue on Sunday morning finishing at noon so we can be on our way to travel home.