Ministry Foundation ProgramMinistry Foundation Program

About MFP

What is MFP?

The Ministry Formation Program is the only program of its kind in the USA. It’s purpose is to train Deaf Catholics to become effective Lay leaders in Church ministry.

For almost 25 years MFP has been preparing Deaf persons to take on leadership roles in their respective home parishes and dioceses.

It was established in the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1993 to serve the people in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. It quickly grew to include the neighboring states and now has and is serving students in 14 states.

The goals of the MFP are to:
  1. Enable Catholic adults to acquire and develop the basic skills necessary to serve as lay ministers in a Catholic Deaf community setting.
  2. Encourage those adults to become more effective as Catholic role models in working with other Deaf people in their home areas
  3. Guide them in deepening their spirituality and understanding the pastoral and religious needs of Deaf people

What is required?

Basically it is a four year program requiring students to be on site for 6 weekends per academic year [3 weekends in the fall, 3 weekends in the spring]. In order for a student to be certified they must complete a project demonstrating their ability to apply what they have learned at MFP to a ministerial activity.