Ministry Foundation ProgramMinistry Foundation Program


The main mode of communication is American Sign Language. Students and Teachers use ASL at all times in order to have direct and fluid communication.

The curriculum is designed to assist students not only learn academically but to develop spiritually as well.

The first six courses in the first year of the program focus on personal awareness, a growing awareness and understanding of who God is in one’s own life as well as others. Connections are made between Biblical stories and one’s own life journey and how we share this with others.

The second year focuses on the Bible. It is important to understand how the Bible developed and how God used people to carry out God’s plan. Taking a look at Church History is also important for the student to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of one’s Catholic faith. Students will also receive an overview of spirituality and prayer styles over the centuries which will enable the students to reflect on which spirituality suits her/his own personality.

The main emphasis of the third year in MFP is ministry. The Seven Sacraments are studied as well as what is involved in liturgy. What is involved in being a competent minister and what skills are needed to be effective and how to do it.

The fourth year of the program centers on the student’s project that must be done in order to complete the program. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate what the student has learned and is able to implement through the project. The students will also attend three weeks during their final year.